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Flow meters for compressed air

The compressed air meter of the SD series monitors the standard volume flow of compressed air in industrial use. It detects the four process categories flow velocity, volumetric flow quantity, consumed quantity and medium temperature. The sensor delivers reliable process values even in case of temperature or pressure fluctuations. The high accuracy of the sensor enables reliable detection of even the smallest quantities or leakages.
Peak consumption, present consumption or accumulated consumption can be accessed and adjusted via programmed switch and alarm level settings - all at the touch of a button.
The units feature two switching outputs which can be programmed as normally open or normally closed. For output of the measured value, one switching output can also be configured as a scalable analogue output. For consumed quantity monitoring, the other output transmits counting pulses to the controller.
Parameter setting is effected via the buttons on the sensor. Some sensor types can additionally be configured via IO-Link, e.g. using a USB interface. The LINERECORDER SENSOR software is used to visualise, transfer and archive parameter sets.