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AS-Interface wiring technology - Flat cable splitter boxes and insulation displacement connectors

  • For the connection of AS-i participants with additional 24 V supply
  • Reliable connection of AS-i participants in the field
  • For use in wet areas
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • High protection rating for the requirements of harsh industrial environments

Flat cable splitters and insulation displacement connectors

AS-i flat cable insulation displacement connectors are used for AS-i wiring of machines and installations, creating a connection between AS-i flat cables and conventional wiring systems. The range includes types for the transition from flat cables to M12 sockets or to round cables.
AS-i flat cable splitters are used for setting up spurs to extend the AS-i network.
Different types of insulation displacement connectors and FC splitters are offered. For use in breweries, dairies and industrial process applications, units with robust stainless steel housings are available. They are resistant to high-pressure cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents and offer high protection ratings, a hygienic design and a high temperature resistance.