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IO-Link Basics – Discover the way towards the smart factory

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Machines and processes need more information in good quality. The conventional technology with switch points and analogue values can only provide this to a limited extent.

IO-Link is the solution here: With IO-Link, you get the information you need in the quality you expect.

But IO-Link can do even more. IO-Link helps you simplify your wiring. IO-Link makes it easy for you to set the devices. With IO-Link, you can monitor the devices in your machine and thus achieve greater production reliability.

When it comes to Industry 4.0, you will not be able to avoid IO-Link. With IO-Link, you can get information directly from the machine and evaluate it.

Join the webinar and be surprised by the possibilities IO-Link can offer you - and how you can easily integrate it. We will be happy to accompany you on the way to your smart factory!

In the web seminar, our speakers address the following topics, among others:

  • What is IO-Link
  • Who is behind IO-Link
  • Advantages of IO-Link
  • Wiring with IO-Link
  • Smart IO-Link products

Which audience does the event address?

  • Beginners to the IO-Link technology
  • Interested parties from all areas of automation, especially automation technology, maintenance/servicing, research and development, control technology, electrical engineering/design
  • Across industries to people with an interest in digitalisation and monitoring of processes
  • Special previous knowledge is not required to participate


Rainer Fuchs

Rainer Fuchs has been with the ifm group since 2012. He programmed and commissioned industrial plants over several years before joining us. Rainer Fuchs is in charge of developing IO-Link from a user's perspective, moreover, he offers IO-Link trainings and provides support on all IO-Link-related questions, including how to integrate this technology in the world of automation.

Daniel Zahn

Daniel Zahn has been working in Product and System Support at the ifm group of companies since 2015. His tasks include advising customers worldwide on automation solutions. Prior to this, he was responsible for setting-up complex plants at customers’ sites.

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