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Webinar: Perfect Welding

Available on demand

The ifm group has developed various solutions for users and manufacturers of robot spot welding units to improve the welding quality.

Fluid management systems allow the reliable detection of worn caps, burst pipes or leaks in cooling systems, they register the cooling water quantity and, in case of a fault, they can remove the cooling water by suction. Data loggers record sensor data over a long time period and will detect any misalignment of clamping fixtures already at an early stage.

Optical systems continuously and reliably check the welding quality.

Sensor data are converted into useful information and can be made available both in the controller and the cloud via the so-called Y-path. This is a concrete step towards digitalised production that also improves the overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

Does that sound interesting? The question that remains is how to render your robot spot welding unit Industry 4.0 compatible. The answer is: with the help of intelligent sensors, networked systems and intuitive software. We will offer a webinar on this topic for anyone interested.

Are you working for a vehicle manufacturer, an automotive supplier, a manufacturer of welding robots or in a similar industry? Then you should not miss this webinar. The seminar primarily addresses people from maintenance, project planning, electrical planning, quality assurance and mechanical engineering. Those interested from other areas are also welcome.

What can participants expect in terms of content?

  • Robot spot welding units - an introduction to improving the OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Fluid management systems for reliable detection of worn caps, burst pipes or leaks in the cooling system
  • Avoiding misalignments of clamping fixtures
  • Ensuring the quality of weld seams
  • Reliable detection of wear on welding caps
  • Reliable monitoring of the position and fixture of sheet metal parts with a 3D camera
  • Easy and low-cost connection of automation technology and IT via the Y-path


Torsten Schwermann

Focus: Automotive industry and machine tool

Torsten Schwermann has been working for ifm in various executive sales positions since 2003. As Global Business Development Manager Automotive Industry he is responsible for the strategic orientation of the ifm group’s sales and marketing for customers in the automotive and machine tools sector. Electromobility, networking, digitalisation and automation in production count among the topics of primary importance to him. He is ifm’s contact person for customer projects in the 5G private networks section.

Monique vom Stein

Focus: Photoelectric sensors

Monique vom Stein has been working in product management at ifm since 2019, covering the range of position sensors. In her role she is responsible for the product development and market launch of photoelectric sensors. In addition, she provides international sales trainings. She incorporates the market insights gained through customer visits and market research worldwide into product optimisation and development. 

Frank Fiedler

Focus: Robotics & automation

Frank Fiedler has been involved in sales in the ifm group of companies for over 30 years. As Global Business Development Manager Robotics & Automation he is responsible for the strategic orientation of the ifm group’s sales and marketing for customers in the industrial robots, integrated assembly systems, mobile robots and AGVs sectors. He provides impetus for IO-Link connectivity, industrial image processing, identification and object recognition in these industries.

Kathrin Kapitza

Focus: Flow sensors

Kathrin Kapitza joined ifm in 2020. Since the beginning of 2021, she has now been product manager for flow sensor technology. In constant consultation with customers, she defines products, positions them on the market and supports them throughout all life cycles. Market analyses and international sales trainings are also part of her core tasks.

Rafael Smidecki

Focus: Position sensors and IO-Link committee

Rafael Smidecki has been working in the ifm group’s product management for fourteen years. In his role as product manager for position sensors, he contributes his long-standing international experience in factory automation, pneumatics and handling technology to the ifm group’s new system solutions. In the field of sensors with IO-Link for digitalisation and condition monitoring he provides support in proof of concept projects.

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