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Webinar: Machine Tool 4.0

Available on demand

Machine Tool 4.0, a concept for manufacturers and users of machine tools, has been developed by ifm to facilitate the conversion of sensor data into valuable information. The latter can then be used both in the controller and in the cloud via the so-called Y-path.

This is a concrete step towards digitalised production that also improves the overall equipment efficiency (OEE). By means of condition-based maintenance, also called condition monitoring, the technical condition, e.g. of a machine tool, can be continuously monitored. This helps you to detect signs of potential downtime at an early stage, avoid consequential damage and increase the lifetime of your plant.

IO-Link is used for the intelligent networking of sensors. This includes pressure sensors for hydraulics, RFID for tool identification as well as pressure and flow sensors for part seat monitoring of workpieces. And don't worry, existing sensors can also be easily integrated into the overall system.

Does that sound interesting?
If you ask yourself how to implement a machine tool 4.0, the answer is: with the help of intelligent sensors, networked systems and intuitive software. We will offer a webinar on this topic for anyone interested.

What can participants expect in terms of content?

  • Machine Tool 4.0 - an Introduction to the "communicating machine”
  • Improving the OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Condition-based maintenance by means of systems for vibration monitoring and diagnostics
  • Reliable identification of tool changes with RFID
  • Monitoring the pressure, temperature, fill level and oil quality in hydraulics
  • Systems for part seat monitoring: reliably detecting the part seat of workpieces;
    with live demo
  • World Class Manufacturing: how automotive manufacturers score points and achieve a better status with the help of ifm
  • Application example: CERI machining

Which audience does the event address?

The seminar primarily addresses people from maintenance, project planning, electrical planning, quality assurance and mechanical engineering. Those interested from other areas are also welcome.


Carlo di Nicola

Focus: System sales and World Class Manufacturing

Carlo Di Nicola has been working for the ifm group’s sales for more than 15 years. In his capacity as National Team Leader System Sales he is responsible for selling ifm Industry 4.0 solutions in Italy. He has been coordinating the ifm group of companies’ worldwide activities with regard to WCM - World Class Manufacturing - for three years and is the contact person for our global customers who seek to improve their ranking.

Torsten Schwermann

Focus: Automotive industry and machine tool

Torsten Schwermann has been working for ifm in various executive sales positions since 2003. As Global Business Development Manager Automotive Industry he is responsible for the strategic orientation of the ifm group’s sales and marketing for customers in the automotive and machine tools sector. Electromobility, networking, digitalisation and automation in production count among the topics of primary importance to him. He is ifm’s contact person for customer projects in the 5G private networks section.

Michel Astier

Focus: Automotive industry

Michel Astier has been involved in sales in the ifm group of companies for over 20 years. As Head of Sales Automotive Industry Market 1, he is responsible for the development in Southwest Europe, North and South America. His sales activities focus in particular on vehicle manufacturers, automotive suppliers and machine tool manufacturers headquartered in France, whom he supports in particular with ifm Industry 4.0 solutions.

Marcel-André Beu

Focus: Flow sensors

Marcel-André Beu has been working for ifm prover for two years. In 2019, he took over responsibility as product manager for flow sensor technology. He coordinates the development and market launch of his products and visits customers worldwide.

Michael Haake

Focus: Pressure sensors for factory automation

Michael Haake has been working for ifm since 2011 and can look back on many years of previous professional experience as commissioning engineer in factory automation. In his role as product manager for pressure sensors, his daily tasks include worldwide market research, market launches, international sales training and constant customer contact.

Bastian Roßteuscher

Focus: Condition-based maintenance and vibration sensors

Before starting to work at ifm in 2006, Bastian Roßteuscher studied electrical engineering focussing on automation technology. During an internship, he came across the topic of vibration monitoring and diagnostics for the first time – and was thrilled. He has been product manager for this area since 2015.

Robert Mönnig

Focus: Pressure and temperature sensors

Robert Mönnig has been working for ifm since 2005. The automotive industry has been a recurrent theme in the training, studies and various projects during his career at ifm. As Senior Product Manager for pressure and temperature sensors, he coordinates developments and market launches. Moreover, he provides application consulting to customers and in sales worldwide.

Frank Neuwirth

Focus: RFID and code reader systems

Frank Neuwirth is been with ifm since 1998. Since 2005 he has been responsible for identification systems. In the role of a product manager, he is responsible for the product definition of RFID and camera-based code reader systems.
Global market research, market launches, international sales training and constant customer contact are part of his daily tasks.



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