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Solutions for efficient internal commodity flows.

The more reliable the intralogistics processes, the more solid the customer satisfaction. After all, the time from order receipt to customer delivery can only be minimised if integrated, reliable and efficient internal processes are in place.

How can this goal be achieved and what solutions does ifm offer to meet the various challenges? We'll show you on our intralogistics tour.


Topics of this edition

  • Introduction: the relevance of automation in intralogistics (0:00-5:05)
  • The ifm Track and Trace Gate: incoming and outgoing goods inspection with digitalised processes (5:06-12:30)
  • Condition monitoring in intralogistics: preventing machine downtimes effectively (12:35-19:12)
  • Customer interview: why JR Automation cooperates with ifm (19:13-26:30)
  • Case study: ASTI develops AGVs – and counts upon ifm (26:31-28:57)
  • How the O3R multi-camera and sensor platform effectively supports AGVs (28:58-34:45)


  • Host

Philipp Erbe is the host of the ifm magazine Impulse.

As an editor in the company’s product communication, he has in-depth knowledge of ifm’s hardware and software products as well as customer demands on automation and digitalisation solutions.


  • Guests

Giacomo Villano is Global Business Development Manager in the Logistics Industry.

With ifm since 2021, he supports the development of ifm in the Logistics Industry worldwide.


Wiebke Behrends works in product management for identification and image processing systems with over 4 years of experience as an application engineer.

Her focus is on identifying, defining and implementing track and trace solutions in logistics and manufacturing.


Frank Neuwirth has been with ifm since 1998. Since 2005 he has been responsible for identification systems. In the role of a product manager, he is responsible for the product definition of RFID and camera-based code reader systems.

Global market research, market launches, international sales training and constant customer contact are part of his daily tasks.


Benedikt Obermaier works in product management for vibration sensors with over 3 years of experience. As product manager, he is responsible for the product definition of all intelligent vibration switch and vibration transmitter.

He has a valuable experience of condition based monitoring, vibration analysis techniques and existing applications.


Cary Grimmer has been with ifm for 32+ years as a Sales Engineer, Branch Sales Manager, and now a New Business Sales Engineer for the Automation Team in the USA. He is based from our Chicago office and covers OEM accounts in the Logistics and Material Handling Industry in the Midwest region of the USA.


Garrett Place has been with ifm for 28 years.

Since 2008 he has concentrated on 3D imaging in both mobile and fixed arm robotics, most recently targeted at the Logistics Automation market.


More guests:

Ryan Baumann and Jack Wassom from JR Automation

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