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Condition monitoring for pumps

System solution - Condition monitoring for pumps

The wear on pumps as a result of alignment errors, cavitations, trapped air, etc. lead to further expensive consequential damage. Critical stations are mainly found with pumps for

  • coolants
  • wastewater treatment plants
  • hydraulic systems
  • water supply
  • water treatment
  • process pumps in the food industry

In combination with the LR SMARTOBSERVER the measured data is recorded and an alarm is triggered in the event of infractions of the limits.

Sensor-based monitoring (e.g. quantity check of coolants) helps to avoid adverse operating conditions. Required maintenance can be organised at an early stage, reducing downtime. Again, the focus is on quality assurance. Evaluation units (VSE) as communication interface to the process sensors in the pump (flow, acceleration, etc.) are installed in control cabinets. Via Ethernet interface or WiFi the data is supplied to a PC/server with the LR SMARTOBSERVER software for analysis (depending on the application the versions CE / Express or server).

Typical system components:

  • Pump with diagnostic objects
  • VSE with terminal box (option WiFi)
  • Server and databases
  • PC with SMARTOBSERVER software for visualisation
  • of the process values