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Combined oil moisture and temperature sensor

Moisture measurement in air and oil

  • Continuous condition monitoring of oils and air.
  • Two analogue outputs (4...20 mA) for relative humidity and temperature.
  • Wide input voltage range 9...33 V DC.
  • Medium temperature -20...100 °C.
  • GG 3/4" process connection for direct mounting.

Water is generally not wanted in hydraulic liquids and lubricants. High concentrations of water can seriously affect operation or even cause damage.

Measuring principle
The sensor measures the relative humidity in the oil and the air in the range of 0...100 % by means of a capacitive measuring element. At 0 % the oil is absolutely without any water content. At 100 %, however, the medium is completely saturated. No more water is dissolved and is then present as free water. Besides the relative humidity the sensor also outputs the medium temperature as an analogue signal.