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DIN rail adapter for IO-Link field bus modules

  • Transfer of IO-Link masters, Ethernet switches and I/O modules to the DIN rail
  • Complete mounting set for various module sizes
  • Simple, quick and vibration resistant mounting
  • Robust design for use in harsh environments
  • For installation directly on the machine or in the control cabinet


Whether directly on the machine or in the control cabinet, as of now, IO-Link masters and modules can be mounted quickly and safely on the DIN rail. Moreover, the adapters provide a quick solution for exchanging or upgrading modules.


The DIN rail adapter is available in two sizes. The small variant, for example, is designed for 4-port IO-Link masters, while the large adapter supports both 4-port and 8-port IO-Link masters.

In addition, the DIN rail adapters can also be used for IO-Link modules, Ethernet switches, Ethernet I/O modules and passive splitter boxes.

The DIN rail adapter is particularly well suited for the following modules:

IO-Link master for the automation and IT world

The decentralised IO-Link master modules serve as a gateway between intelligent IO-Link sensors and the field bus. Besides, important information of the intelligent sensors can simultaneously be sent into the IT world. With a separate IoT Ethernet socket the IT network can be set up completely separated from the automation network. Sensor information is transferred into the IT world via the established TCP/IP JSON interface.

Ethernet I/O modules

The decentralised DI modules serve as a gateway between binary sensors and the fieldbus. This means that binary switching signals in the field can be transmitted directly via the fieldbus.

Ethernet switches

The decentralised modules serve as network nodes between the participants in the field. They are connected directly via robust and reliable M12 connection cables.

IO-Link I/O modules

These IO-Link modules allow connection of conventional digital and analogue sensors as well as digital actuators to IO-Link. For this purpose, we offer modules with ports that have either a fixed configuration or can be configured by the customers themselves. This unique capability to freely combine analogue and digital ports in just one module saves cost. You only need an IO-Link port on the master.