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For AS-i and IO-Link: passive power distributor for hygienic areas

  • Robust field module supplies up to 8 IO-Link masters or AS-i participants
  • Housing material meets the hygiene requirements for food production
  • Voltage supply via standard M12 supply cables, A-coded
  • Overcurrent detection for each port

Two options

The passive power distributor can be operated either in AS-i networks or in IO-Link structures. This helps to minimise stock-holding, especially where both technologies are used. Up to 8 participants, either intelligent AS-i sensors or actuators or IO-Link masters, can be connected via standard M12 sockets.

Robust design for demanding applications

The special housing material and the high ingress protection allow operation in areas with frequent intensive cleaning processes, for example in the food industry. The module signals an excessive current flow per port via a red LED. Malfunctions or damage to infrastructure, actuators or even the plant can thus be avoided.

Advantages and customer benefits

AS-i or IO-Link power distributor

These power distributors can be used in hygienic applications due to the materials used and their innovative housing design. The 4-way or 8-way power distributors can either be used to supply up to 8 AS-i participants, e.g. valve heads, quarter-turn sensors, motor controls etc., or to supply power to IO-Link masters. Overcurrent detection indicates by a red-flashing LED at the respective M12 connection that more than the permitted 4.4 A per channel are being drawn.