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Connect IO-Link to a PC via USB

  • For connecting IO-Link sensors to a PC via USB
  • For quick parameter setting and easy reading of IO-Link sensors
  • Does not require a separate power supply
  • Industrially compatible, robust M12 connectors
  • Complete set with sensor cable and USB cable

IO-Link for the PC
The AL1060 interface is a 1-port IO-Link master that acts as a gateway, establishing a connection between the IO-Link communication and a PC (via USB interface). This allows users to conveniently configure sensors with IO-Link capability on a PC with the corresponding software prior to installation in the plant. This considerably reduces the set-up time and minimises setting faults. For most sensors, no separate power supply is required. This makes it particularly easy to connect sensors installed in the plant to a laptop, e.g. to read out process values or adjust sensor parameters on site.

Advantages and customer benefits

No power supply required
The AL1060 interface has a powerful integrated voltage converter, which generates a 24 V sensor voltage from the 5 V USB voltage at the IO-Link port. Depending on the computer, this output can be loaded with up to 150 mA. This is sufficient to operate most sensors. If higher currents are required at the sensor output, a separate power supply can be connected.

Robust, field-compatible connections
The three connections on the device – IO-Link, USB and optional supply voltage – are designed as robust and field-compatible M12 connections. This means that the interface can even be used in harsh environments.

Status LEDs
Several status LEDs on the unit provide the user with a status overview and facilitate error localisation. For example, if the USB power supply is insufficient for a sensor, this is indicated by an LED.

Scope of supply
In addition to the AL1060 IO-Link master, the set includes all connection cables required for operation (M12 B-coded for USB, M12 A-coded for sensor). A wide-range power supply unit with different adapter plates for worldwide use is available as an option.