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ecomatDisplay: Powerful dialogue modules for mobile machines

  • LED displays 5", 7" and 12" with buttons or touch screen
  • Housing optimised for mobile use
  • Optical bonding: prevents penetration of moisture, offers optimum readability
  • Software supports any orientation of the device (portrait/landscape)
  • Programmable via CODESYS, numerous interfaces such as CAN

Display and operation in a rough environment
The new dialogue modules have been developed for use in cabins and outside vehicles. Thanks to a high protection rating and optical bonding they are optimally protected against moisture. They withstand strong impacts and permanent vibrations as well as extreme ambient temperatures. The high-resolution RGB LED panels offer optimum readability even in a bright environment. For operation the displays have freely programmable buttons (5" and 7" versions) or optionally a capacitive touch screen. The integrated powerful PLC can perform visualisation and operation tasks. It is freely programmable via CODESYS. Numerous interfaces at the back of the device, e.g. CAN, analogue video, USB 2.0 and Ethernet offer maximum connectivity.

Mechanical design
The displays have a sealed diecast aluminium housing with the protection rating IP 65, IP 67. For connection sealed M12 connections and a 40-pole AMP connector are used. The displays can be used as surface mount device using the tried-and-tested RAM mount system or can be mounted in a wall. Depending on the requirement, the displays can be installed in any orientation.

Powerful electronics
The integrated 64-bit controller allows a powerful presentation of the high-resolution graphics, processing of the application program and the device functions. Furthermore, there are many opportunities with regard to communication and networking with other systems and networks. With the integrated real-time clock it is possible to give log data a time stamp for better traceability.

All displays have extensive audio functions. They can be used to provide acoustic and voice messages.

Programming to IEC 61131-3
The CODESYS software enables a clear and easy creation of the application software. The graphic elements are created via the integrated visualisation editor and can, for example, be selected via the buttons or the optional touch function.