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AS-i CompactM8 modules: large variety, little space required

  • A safe ecolink connection protects the O-ring against destruction
  • Compact and flat design for limited space
  • Power supply of the outputs via AS-i or AUX
  • Resistant to shocks and vibrations due to full potting

Extremely small, many installation options
The CompactM8 product family convinces by its flat and slim design. The modules are therefore ideal for robotics, handling and assembly technology. They are available with AS-i technology, with additional AUX outputs and as passive version. The modules are installed via two fixing holes from the front or from the side. Optional accessories allow installation on a DIN rail.

Mechanical end stop for easy mounting
The ecolink technology prevents incorrect mounting: An integrated mechanical end stop protects the O-ring of the M8 sockets against destruction. Fast and safe mounting is thus possible without expensive tightening torque tools without jeopardising the functioning and the ingress resistance of the module.

High protection rating for use in the field
With their high protection rating of IP 65, 67 and 68 the modules meet all requirements for use in harsh industrial environments. They can thus be mounted directly in the field, near the process. There are no long distances between sensors/actuators and the control cabinet.

Light and robust
The CompactM8 modules are particularly space-saving thanks to their small width of only 30 mm and a height of 17 mm in the M8 socket area. Therefore they are the first choice when it comes to installation in handling and assembly areas or on robot arms. Another advantage: The full potting ensures that they are extremely shock and vibration resistant.

Many application possibilities
The AS-i modules are addressed via the front M12 plug. The modules can be connected to the addressing unit using the standard connection cable. The M8 modules are available as passive splitter boxes with round cable connection, M12 (8 poles), M16 (14 poles) and as AS-i version.

Easy identification of faults
The FAULT LED on the module ensures easy fault localisation by the user. A red-flashing LED signals a peripheral fault and, for example, indicates a shortcircuit of the sensor supply. A permanently lit red LED however indicates a communication fault.