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M30 ultrasonic sensors with up to 8 m range

Continuous level measurement and object detection - width of the sound beam easily adjustable via IO-Link

  • Width of the sound beam adjustable via IO-Link
  • Sensing range up to 8 m in M30 design
  • Easy setting via teach button or IO-Link
  • The vibrating sound transducer reduces the deposit of dirt
  • Robust stainless steel housing

Long ranges
The new ifm ultrasonic sensors in M30 design are distinguished by their long range of up to 8 m. This makes them particularly suited for the detection of objects far away or for continuous level monitoring, e.g. of bulk materials or liquids. As opposed to photoelectric sensors colour, transparency or the object’s or medium’s surface shine do not affect sensing.

Adjustable sound beam
Due to limited space unwanted reflections at the inside of the tank may occur in level applications. This can lead to faulty measurement results. Thanks to IO-Link, the sound beam can be set individually according to the application. With IO-Link, the user is well prepared for Industry 4.0.