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Optimisation of logistic processes

Depalletising of uniform packages made easy

  • Depalletising of a complete layer or individual packages
  • Slip sheet detection
  • Calculation of the remaining items
  • Integrated collision avoidance
  • Automatic calibration of robot camera coordinates
  • Economic and ergonomic

Optimisation of logistic processes
The automatic depalletising of packages of the same size, e.g. cardboard boxes, crates, outer packaging or containers, optimises logistic processes by dynamic feeding. The 3D sensor detects displaced loads and compensates for incorrect positioning with the depalletising system. Position indication allows fully automated depalletising of complete layers or individual packages, independent of the palletising pattern. Besides the data for robot control, the Ethernet process interface provides information for the material and warehouse management software. Automated depalletising systems provide a clear increase in performance by means of economic tools and reduce the employees’ load due to ergonomically optimised working environments.