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Plug and play monitor for a better overview

Robust 7" TFT monitor for mobile machines for universal display of analogue video signals

  • Universal display of analogue video signals
  • Water/weather-proof housing with protection rating IP 66 / IP 67
  • PAL/NTSC video system
  • Direct connection of up to 2 or 4 cameras via video switch
  • Supply voltage of 18...30 V DC

Plug and play monitor for a better overview
For most mobile machines, a 360° view or at least the surveillance of blind spots would be impossible without camera monitor systems. Besides the robust O2M2 and O3M2 cameras, ifm now offers suitable plug and play monitors.

Optimised for mobile machines
The water-proof monitor series automatically adapts to different ambient light situations. The WVGA display features automatic brightness control with adjustable day/night switching. All settings can be made via the comprehensive service menu, e.g. automatic camera switching when the driver indicates or goes to reverse. In combination with the smart O3M2 3D camera, the monitor can also be used to indicate obstacles in the path or show vehicle information (supplied by the CAN bus).

Features and benefits

The preconfigured system only requires supply voltage to be ready for use. The cameras are connected via M16 connectors, they are automatically recognised and immediately provide an image to the monitor. No configuration is required for standard operation.

Robust design
The monitor series is made of aluminium and impact and weather resistant plastic. They are suitable for use in the cabins of trucks, cranes and fork-lift trucks as well as in the open cabins of construction machines. All systems feature an undervoltage, overvoltage and reverse polarity protection.

Vast setting options
The service menu offers many setting options for an ideal integration in mobile machines. Via the digital inputs, the cameras can for example be activated automatically. The background illumination can be adjusted freely and automatically to the ambient light via a photoelectric sensor. Brightness and contrast values can be set manually. Optimum visibility in dark environments via a red or blue night mode. Additionally, it is possible to display horizontal and vertical reference lines or a grid, e.g. as a positioning or parking assistance.