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Maintenance-free overflow protection to WHG*

Reliable and fast alternative to tuning forks

  • Flexible installation independent of the orientation
  • Shock and vibration resistant in a robust stainless steel housing
  • Plug & Play – Factory default setting to hydrous media
  • Can be set to other media such as oil using IO-Link
  • Suppression of deposits

Reliable and flexible
The LMTx9x sensor family provides dependable overflow protection. Different lengths and process connections allow versatile and position-independent installation.

IO-Link creates transparency
The sensors can be adjusted to all liquids that are hazardous to water. Parameters are conveniently set on the PC or via IO-Link and USB interface. The digital transmission of measured values creates maximum transparency.

The high-quality high-grade stainless steel housing is shock and vibration resistant. 

* German Federal Water Act