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Pulse evaluation systems - Direction of rotation monitoring

  • Rotational direction monitoring by means of staggered pulse sequences
  • High input frequency of up to 60,000 pulses / minute
  • Various configurable monitoring functions
  • Clearly readable, luminous OLED display
  • Wide operating temperature range

Direction monitors

The direction monitors detect the direction of a shaft rotation by means of staggered pulses. For example, they are used to ensure that a screw conveyor only runs in the specified direction. This prevents blockages, production downtime and damage to the system. On a crane, the units can detect any unintentional lowering of the load due to overload or brake failure.
Typically, two inductive sensors serve as pulse pick-ups. Depending on which sensor is damped first by the switching cams on the shaft, the direction of rotation can be determined.
The ifm range includes units with one switching output indicating the direction of rotation and another switching output for speed monitoring, and units with one switching output for clockwise and another one for counter-clockwise rotation while offering simultaneous standstill detection.