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AS-Interface masters

  • Simplified system installation by means of AS-Interface wiring system
  • AS-Interface - perfectly complements for different field buses or industrial Ethernet
  • Graphic user interfaces for clear configuration and diagnostics
  • High-performance controllers and gateways

Actuator-Sensor Interface (AS-i)

The actuator-sensor interface (AS-i) is a manufacturer-independent standard for connection of actuators and sensors of the first field level.
AS-Interface has become established as an economic wiring system in industrial automation. A two-wire flat cable transmits data and energy. AS-i considerably reduces wiring complexity since conventional parallel wiring of each sensor or actuator to the controller is no longer necessary. This saves the user a great number of terminals, splitter boxes, input/output cards and cable lines.
The AS-i gateways control the data exchange to the sensor/actuator level and communicate rapidly with the superior control level. They can be used as independent, decentralised controllers or as gateways to all common fieldbus systems.
The range includes interfaces with EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT or CANopen.