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Special connection technology from the sensor to the ERP

ecolink EVF now also with Ethernet-M12 connection for IO-Link modules and RJ45 connectors – especially for hygienic and wet areas

  • Halogen-free and silicone-free
  • Contoured nut with enhanced grip makes for optimum sealing even when hand tightened
  • Permanent vibration protection with saw tooth contour
  • High material resistance to common cleaning agents used in the food industry

ecolink M12 for hygienic and wet areas in the food industry
Most applications require special solutions. Only high-quality materials, safe production processes and faultless mounting lead to success in the long run. The asymmetrically acting vibration protection holds the nut tight in its position, guaranteeing an optimum and permanent seal. No tools are needed for installation and removal which can be done manually without any problem. High-quality materials especially adapted to the application and intensive monitoring during and after production guarantee maximum quality standards.