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Corporate Webinar:
Integrated Assembly (Part III)

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In the third part of our Integrated Assembly series, the big topic Connectivity will be brought into focus. We will give you efficient support on industrial communication!

moneo: the IIoT platform for industry and production

This is why moneo cannot be missing from the session: ifm´s moneo IIoT software platform bridges the gap between OT and IT. With the moneo DataScience Toolbox, customers such as planners, production managers and maintenance staff gain easy access to artificial intelligence methods without having to invest their own data science expertise.

Clever wiring with IO-Link

Manufacturing plants worldwide are increasingly relying on high-performance data and information technology to improve their overall equipment efficiency. Always present: IO-Link. In part 3 of our web seminar series, you may experience the variety of our IO-Link masters, modules and edge gateways.

With ifm into the world of 5G

Smart production depends on high-performance data and voice communication in all areas. Here, in the area of wireless transmission, there is no real alternative to the latest generation of mobile communication - the 5G technology. More assembly lines require continuous monitoring, and service and order management in real time. Robust edge gateways from ifm "from the sensor to the cloud" in combination with 5G technology from Ericsson offer a precisely scalable solution as private, public or hybrid infrastructure to turn the combination of big data with artificial intelligence into a reality.

Are you interested? If you ask yourself how to implement the smart factory, the answer is: with the help of intelligent sensors, networked systems and intuitive software. We will offer a seminar on this topic for anyone interested.

Available on demand

Which audience does the event address?

The seminar primarily addresses people from electrical planning, project planning, quality assurance mechanical engineering and maintenance from manufacturers of special-purpose machines, robotics, assembly and handling systems as well as customers from the metal processing and automotive industries. Those interested from other areas are also welcome.


Frank Fiedler

Focus: Robotics & automation

Frank Fiedler has been involved in sales in the ifm group of companies for over 30 years. As Global Business Development Manager Robotics & Automation he is responsible for the strategic orientation of the ifm group’s sales and marketing for customers in the industrial robots, integrated assembly systems, mobile robots and AGVs sectors. He provides impetus for IO-Link connectivity, industrial image processing, identification and object recognition in these industries.

Torsten Schwermann

Focus: Automotive industry and machine tool

Torsten Schwermann has been working for ifm in various executive sales positions since 2003. As Global Business Development Manager Automotive Industry he is responsible for the strategic orientation of the ifm group’s sales and marketing for customers in the automotive and machine tools sector. Electromobility, networking, digitalisation and automation in production count among the topics of primary importance to him. He is ifm’s contact person for customer projects in the 5G private networks section.


Andreas Jacobs

Focus: Predictive maintenance with AI and connecting shop floor and top floor

Andreas Jacobs has been working for ifm since 2009. As a Sales Manager in Germany, he is responsible for the area of Industries, like automotive, robotics e.g. and Systems and IIoT. Prior to that, he was responsible for the Systems and IIoT division. As Senior Systems Sales Engineer in 'North' region of Germany, he was responsible for sales and for project implementation with regard to IIoT. Andreas Jacobs has a long-standing experience in the field of condition-based monitoring of machines and installations.

Tobias Wolff

Focus: Industrial Communication

Tobias Wolff has been working for the ifm group of companies since 2011. As Senior Product Manager for Industrial Communication, he is responsible for the product portfolio of IO-Link Masters, Ethernet IO-Modules and Ethernet Switches. He is in contact with the development and the sales team worldwide to fulfill the needs from the customers.

Peter Wienzek

Focus: From Sensor to the Cloud, IoT data anayltics

Peter Wienzek works as Business Development Manager for digitalisation, RTM and software solutions within the ifm group. During his 30+ years of his ifm career he has been able to solve many different automation tasks in various industries. He is the main driver of IO-Link as a digital transformation technology and is co-author of the book “IO-Link”. In this context IO-Link and industrial interfaces are used to provide advanced sensor information to the cloud. Collecting machine data via cable and wireless technologies and push them to cloud databases is the key for process optimization and remote control. Peter is also in charge of PoC installations for customers with 5G private networks.

Why is it worth it?

  • Direct exchange with experienced experts via live chat
  • Proven theory and practical knowledge
  • First insights into the latest technologies
  • Solution approaches for concrete automation problems

Integrated Assembly Part 1 and 2

In the previous webinars Integrated Assembly Part 1 and Integrated Assembly Part 2 ifm has presented various solutions for a flexible and climate-neutral production. The speakers have shown 2D and 3D-Optical systems as well as process sensors which ensure the quality of parts and workpieces during mounting and assembly in a continuous and reliable way. Additionally, it was shown how Optical or Radio Frequency Identification Systems keep track of products and how they ensure accurate processes by recording and referencing all manufacturing process steps.

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