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As simple as a sensor

Powerful detection
The new multicode reader convinces by a 4 x higher resolution for reliable
reading results, a 10 x faster evaluation time and a 10 x faster set-up.

Teach button
One of the sensor's highlights is the simple teaching via one button. After pressing the teach button, the user aligns the multicode reader to the code by means of a laser marking. Focusing, exposure setting and detection of the code type are automatically carried out by the sensor. A few seconds later, the sensor is ready for use.

Configuration via smartphone app
A smartphone app (iOS, Android) is available for basic configuration of the device. The user can e.g. use it to define the trigger or IP address. Based on these settings, a Data Matrix code is generated on the smart phone's display. When this code is held into the multicode reader's field of view, the configuration is automatically adopted.

Vision Assistant
The multicode reader can be extensively configured using the award-winning Vision Assistant software. For example, the auto-find code function detects several different codes in one image. The user can easily assign these codes in the Vision Assistant.
Thanks to different logic functions, the sensor can be programmed for sequential control. An expensive evaluation unit is not necessary. The live image and extensive visualisation of all settings provide an optimum overview.

ifm mass storage device
The device has an exchangeable mass storage device. It can be used to save or load complete configurations
of the multicode reader. This simplifies device replacement and the set-up of several units for the same application.

Read codes: For 1D and 2D codes. For monitoring processes in industrial automation. Use in product tracking, control and identification. Codes: QR code, PDF code, DM code, bar code.

O2I teach app for android

O2I teach app for iOS

Ready for use within a few seconds

One highlight: At the touch of a button, the sensor automatically does the focussing, exposure setting and code type recognition.
Among others, applications with a bar code or 2D code per image can be set quickly via teach button. This saves time and costs.
The preset device configuration can be changed by means of a user-friendly smartphone app.

Teaching via one button and configuration via smartphone app

The O2I teach app is used to generate a DataMatrix code on the smartphone display.
Just hold it in the field of view of the multicode reader and the configuration is
automatically applied.
Available for iOS, Android and Windows.

For complex requirements: the ifm Vision Assistant

For complex identification tasks, the multicode reader can easily be
configured using the award-winning Vision Assistant software. The live image and
extensive visualisation of all settings
provide an optimum overview.

Several codes, one image

The auto-find code function of the Vision Assistant automatically recognises several different codes in one image. The user can easily assign these codes in the Vision Assistant.

Unique – the sequential control

Visualises all configurations of the image and code settings in the Vision Assistant.
This quickly gives you a comprehensive overview of the whole application. In addition, the logic and interface function allows easy programming of the sensor output.

Optimum contrast by means of a polarisation filter

The integrated optional illumination with polarisation filter ensures sufficient contrasts to reliably read
codes even in case of shiny surfaces such as metal.

One code, changing background

Several images can be captured very quickly with a different exposure time to recognise codes with variable surface characteristics or deviating colour or ambient light.

Operating distance to field of view size and corresponding versions

  Lens Type of light Order no.
  Standard (B) Red light O2I500
  Standard (B) Infrared O2I501
  Wide-angle (A) Red light O2I502
  Wide-angle (A) Infrared O2I503
  Telephoto lens (C) Red light O2I504
  Telephoto lens (C) Infrared O2I505