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Fibre-optic amplifiers for glass fibre optics

  • High switching frequency for fast processes
  • LED display to check operation, switching status and function
  • Variable mounting options: DIN rail or free-standing mounting
  • Easy parameter setting via teach button
  • Operation with high-quality glass fibre optics for harsh industrial applications

Fibre-optic amplifiers for glass fibre optics

Fibre optic amplifiers for glass fibre optics

OBF fibre optic amplifiers for fibre optics in metal sheath with glass fibres are used when resistance to heat or aggressive chemicals is required.

The amplifiers can be mounted on a DIN rail or using fixing holes. Sensitivity, light-on/dark-on mode or measuring principle are set easily via pushbuttons on the unit. Highly visible LEDs support the user during set-up. During operation, they indicate the switching status, operation, excess gain and unstable zone.

For demanding applications extended functions are available, e.g., if the object does not stay in the detection zone long enough, it is possible to stretch the pulse time.