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Distance sensors type O1D

  • Reliable optical distance measurement with high ranges up to 10 m
  • Two switching outputs, one of them programmable as analogue output
  • Scalable measuring range and window function
  • Use in applications with background suppression
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

Distance sensors type O1D

O1D distance sensors

The O1D is a distance sensor with time-of-flight measurement based on PMD technology (PMD = Photonic Mixer Device). Measuring only 42 x 42 x 52 mm, the sensor offers a very long range, reliable background suppression, a visible red laser light spot and a high excess gain.

The sensor is resistant to extraneous light and can be used in workshops where daylight hits the sensor or target from above. Reflective objects such as metal surfaces are reliably detected; reflective strips on high-vis vests reliably suppressed. With O1D, distances can also be measured reliably when the light beam does not hit the object surface vertically. This allows flexible mounting, facilitates installation and saves costs. The accurate background suppression ensures that even shiny, matt, dark or light objects are safely detected.

The O1D distance sensor is designed for positioning, speed control and level measurement tasks. For example, it can be used to protect autonomous industrial transport systems against collision or position industrial trucks in high rack storage areas.

Versions with laser class 1 meet the requirements of applications in the automotive industry.