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  4. Use in assembly and handling technology

Use in assembly and handling technology

  • Precise detection of small parts
  • High switching frequency for fast processes
  • Front or side sensing
  • Precise background suppression
  • Extensive range of system components for easy installation and precise fine adjustment

Use in assembly and handling technology

Use in assembly and handling applications

The compact OJ laser sensors are designed to provide reliable position detection in feeding, assembly and handling applications with limited space.

The product range includes through-beam sensors, retro-reflective sensors and diffuse reflection sensors with precise background suppression. Different versions with side or front lens ensure maximum installation flexibility.

For installation, the unit is either snapped onto a mounting bracket included in the delivery or fastened via the fixing holes, which are reinforced with a stainless steel sleeve. A wide range of system components ensures easy and fast integration into the application.

The laser light spot visible on the object simplifies the alignment of the sensors during set-up.

With background suppression the diffuse reflection sensors can be set to ensure precise and reliable detection of objects with various surfaces.