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Small rectangular design O6

  • Diffuse reflection sensor with precise background suppression
  • Intuitive, user-friendly handling
  • Versions as through-beam sensor or retro-reflective sensor
  • Versions with M8 connector, M12 pigtail or PUR connection cable

Small rectangular design O6

Small rectangular design O6

Available as through-beam, retro-reflective or diffuse reflection types, the photoelectric sensors in O6 design offer an outstanding optical performance at a competitive price.

The clearly defined consistent light spot ensures precise object detection. There is no scattered light which could interfere with other photoelectric sensors in close vicinity.

Diffuse reflection sensors provide interference immune background suppression even in case of highly reflective backgrounds such as moving machine parts.

Units with visible red light facilitate installation and set-up.
Where people are to be detected, e.g. in access control or escalator applications, visible light is often not wanted. This is a perfect field of application for sensor versions with non-visible infrared light.

The range can be set intuitively via potentiometer. Light-on / dark-on mode is selected via rotary switch.