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  4. Rectangular design O4 with very long range

Rectangular design O4 with very long range

  • Long ranges
  • Adjustable background suppression
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Universal fixing
  • Extensive range of system components for easy and secure mounting

Rectangular design O4 with very long range

Rectangular type O4 with very long range

The photoelectric sensors of the O4 series are distinguished by very long ranges and a versatile installation and mounting concept. The product range includes through-beam sensors, retro-reflective sensors and diffuse reflection sensors.

Thanks to their long range, they are used in the wood, paper and automotive industries, in transport and conveying and in steel processing.
The sensors are fast and easy to mount. Various fixing elements allow for an optimal adaptation to the particular installation situation.

Connector units are equipped with a connector that can be rotated by 270° for free alignment in any direction.

In demanding applications, precise adjustment to the application is made via potentiometer or pushbutton. Sensors with fixed settings allow immediate set-up.