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AS-Interface systems and sensors - Inductive sensors for machine tools

  • High protection rating for the requirements of harsh industrial environments
  • Resistant to aggressive oils and coolants
  • Up to 62 sensors can be connected per master
  • Long sensing range for high uptime
  • High shock and vibration resistance

Inductive sensors for machine tools

Inductive sensors with AS-Interface have been specially developed for metalworking applications.
Oils and coolants heavily impact the machine components installed in machine tools. Standard sensors are insufficient in many applications. The C series has been specially designed for this industry segment. The sealing concept of the sensors combined with the suitable ecolink connector ensures maximum protection against malfunctions.
The threaded body and the sensing face of the one-piece housing of the full-metal sensors are made of high-grade stainless steel. The robust material is corrosion-resistant and allows installation of the sensors in extreme applications.
The AS-i interface allows the sensors to be directly integrated into AS-i networks without using additional modules. The diagnostic function can be used to check whether a target is in the certain or uncertain range.