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AS-Interface systems and sensors - Valve sensors for rising stem valves

  • Position feedback for single and double seat valve and for diaphragm valves
  • Freely selectable switching outputs: valve open / closed, seat lift
  • Replaces three binary pulse pick-ups
  • Resolution of 0.2 mm across the entire measuring range
  • Permanent monitoring of the valve seal

Valve sensors for rising stem valves

The valve sensor provides reliable feedback of the valve positions on linear valves. The sensor signals up to three important valve positions to the controller: valve open, valve closed and any position in-between, e.g. for the seat lift.
In addition, the high resolution of the measuring path permits the detection of wear and thus enables condition-based maintenance of the valve disk seals. The maintenance intervals can be adapted as required to the actual state of wear, which in turn increases life and availability.
Using the valve sensor means that complex mounting of several individual position sensors is no longer required.
Convenient programming of the switch points by simply pushing a button replaces the time-consuming mechanical adjustment to the respective valve positions. Mounting tolerances or sensing ranges do not need to be taken into account any more.
LEDs signal the three possible valve positions.
The valve sensor is available with switching outputs, analogue output or AS-Interface.