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Compact vibration monitoring of two measurement points

Offers more than ISO monitoring

  • VNA001 for vibration monitoring of an external measurement point, alternatively 4...20 mA current signal, e.g. temperature
  • Two vibration values e.g. velocity and acceleration or shock and bearing noise
  • Freely adjustable frequency bands e.g. for monitoring according to ISO 10816
  • Integrated display with colour change in the event of infractions of the limits

Compact vibration sensor
For small and medium-sized machines (such as motors, fans, pumps and compressors) whose vibration is often monitored manually or not at all, ifm electronic now has a simple and interesting alternative.
The latest member of the compact design VN, VNB211, monitors online the overall vibration status of machinery and plant according to ISO 10816 and the resulting acceleration (delivery status). In addition a process value (e.g. temperature) or another switching signal (VNA001) can be monitored via the analogue input. The history memory integrated in the device permits logging of the data for subsequent trend display in the PC software VES004. Parameters such as limits can be configured via the pushbuttons. Changes of the delivery status (basic parameter setting) are also made via the PC software.