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Flexible data logger for vibration and process values

Extended functionality – 6 configurable inputs

  • Either IEPE, vibration sensor type VSA, or 4...20 mA can be configured on all 4 dynamic channels
  • 2 analogue inputs for sensors (4...20 mA/pulse)
  • Collection and monitoring of different analogue process data
  • Large on-board memory

Diagnostic electronics with high performance
The flexible configuration of the 4 dynamic inputs now makes it possible to connect and continually monitor different types of sensors. This is valid for VSE units with firmware version 11 or higher. The sensors can be vibration sensors type VSA, IEPE or process sensors with a 4...20 mA output. Two further analogue inputs can be used to connect additional process sensors such as for speed or temperature.
This functionality provides different possibilities for machine and process monitoring. The on-board FIFOmemory with up to 600,000 values provides a simple method for data comparison and can be used for trending.

Simple networking
The units can easily be connected to the company network using the Ethernet interface and the OPC server software type VOS. Vibration and process data can thus be integrated into higher systems such as SCADA or MES.