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Acceleration sensors detect the "machine's health"

Piezoelectric acceleration sensor with IEPE interface, robust housing and wide measuring range offers efficient vibration diagnostics

  • Piezoelectric accelerometer type VSP with IEPE interface
  • Wide measurement range ± 50 g
  • Robust designs with IP 67 or IP 68 protection rating
  • Also available as version for hazardous areas ATEX, IECEx
  • For connection to diagnostic electronics VSE

Accelerometers for efficient vibration diagnostics
The acceleration signal plays an important part in the condition based monitoring of equipment and components. In contrast to other physical measurement units such as pressure and temperature it is possible to determine different characteristics which point out various symptoms (e.g. unbalance, bearing damage, cavitation, crash). These characteristics can be evaluated and monitored in an external unit such as the ifm diagnostic electronics type VSE or other units with an IEPE (integrated electronic piezoelectric) input. IEPE is a standard interface for accelerometers and is defined using the sensitivity of the sensors, usually in mV/g (Millivolt per g, g = gravity). The accelerometers type VSP are based on a piezoelectric measurement principle and are designed for the demanding requirements of industrial use.