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  4. Galvanic separation between US and UA

Galvanic separation between US and UA

  • In accordance with the new IO-Link specification the voltage supply is electrically separated from the IO-Link master! This is not the case for competitive units.
  • The voltage Aux 1 and Aux 2 are electrically separated from each other
  1. Aux-Power
  2. Output
  • Due to the electrical separation of the outputs they can be deactivated separately by a higher-level source without power off of the other outputs or breakdown of the IO-Link communication
  1. Aux-Power
  2. Output

Power limitation in output modules

  • The current of the supply voltage is monitored and limited instead of the output current of each individual output!
  • 1.8 A can be switched per supply voltage
  • The user can load the outputs to different extents