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Wireless communication for mobile machines

CANwireless: wifi and Bluetooth for the CAN bus

  • Wifi / Bluetooth connection for mobile machines
  • Connection, programming, maintenance and diagnosis of machines – without any cables
  • Supports MaintenanceTool, CODESYS and Service-Tool
  • “Infrastructure” and “Access Point” operation modes
  • Compact and robust housing

Wireless connectivity for mobile machines
Using the latest technologies, such as wifi supporting both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands and Bluetooth, multiple ways of connecting to the machine via radio are possible. CANwireless allows wireless connection to the machine directly from the existing ifm tools for mobile control systems such as CODESYS or the MaintenanceTool. In addition to the connection between PC or mobile end device and the mobile machine, the machines can also be connected to each other. Using CANwireless, machines can exchange information and work together.
The device thus supports the technologies of Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) and makes the machines even more intelligent. 

Functions and features
CANwireless enables a wireless connection to the CAN bus in a vehicle or machine. With the two basic operating modes “Infrastructure” and “Mini Access Point”, the module is able to create a connection in different ways.

Operating mode “wifi Infrastructure”
In the operating mode “Infrastructure”, a CANwireless is configured to connect to an existing wifi infrastructure. When connected to the network, the device can connect automatically to another network participant (client) or listen to incoming connection requests (server).
CAN bus data can be exchanged with other connected network participants.

Operating mode “wifi Mini Access Point”
A CANwireless configured as mini wifi access point will create its own wifi network to which multiple other devices, e.g. other CANwireless devices, PCs, smartphones or tablets, can connect. As in the operating mode “Infrastructure”, the device can act as both client or server in its own network. Data on the CAN bus of the mini AP device will be shared with the other connected network participants.

CAN to CAN bridge
The operating modes “wifi Infrastructure”, “wifi Mini Access Point” or “Bluetooth” also support a wireless CAN bus bridge between several CANwireless devices.

Wireless diagnoses and debugging
Tools like CODESYS V2.3 and the maintenance tool allow the use of CANwireless as interface to the machine.

CAN to wifi / Bluetooth filter
If required, CANwireless devices can filter data to be transferred by radio. This reduces the data load and increases the operational reliability.