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Chinese Secretary of Education pays a visit to ifm in Essen

The ifm group has been closely cooperating with FOM since 2013 and, among other things, regularly offers lectures and workshops to Chinese students and their professors. On September 3, 2018, the Chinese Secretary of Education seized the chance to get to know the ifm group.

(From left to right) Headmaster of Shanxi University of Finance & Economic, Professor Weiqi Liu; Yinan Zhang (ifm); Professor Wu Junqing (Secretary of Education of the Shanxi province of China); Frank Spitzer (ifm) and Chao Zhang (ifm).

FOM has been closely cooperating with the university of provincial capital Taiyuan for more than ten years and counts every year about 350 Chinese bachelor and 150 Chinese master students of different commercial disciplines, including marketing, among its students.

Close cooperation with FOM already dates back to 2013 and includes not only regular workshops with Chinese students and their professors on topics such as HR, marketing and sales but also lectures on industrial change in China given by ifm on FOM's premises.

During the last years, the best participants of these workshops were offered an internship at ifm and could work on highly practice-oriented topics such as electromobility or social media in China. Meanwhile, two junior staff members, Ms Chao Zhang and Ms Yinan Zhang, have moved into permanent employment at ifm in Essen and, after successful completion of a technical training, have already visited customers in Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Professor Wu Junqing was very pleased not only with ifm and our products but particularly with the continuous in-depth development program granted to those two ifm employees, and together with Professor Zhang from FOM Essen, he issued an invitation for a return visit at the university of Taiyuan.  

For more than ten years, FOM has been offering Chinese students who have started their studies at one of the universities in China with which FOM currently cooperates the opportunity to spend two semesters at FOM's study centre in Essen, where they also obtain their Bachelor of Arts degree. The internationally trained graduates then have two possible options: they can either embark on a career with an internationally operating company in Germany or China, or they can go on to take a postgraduate Master degree course at FOM. Click here for more details.