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SmartPLC: AS-Interface masters / gateways

  • Easiest wiring of inputs/outputs by means of AS-i perfectly complements all fieldbuses
  • High-performance gateways, if required also with PLC functionality
  • Full graphic colour display and integrated webserver for user-friendly configuration and diagnostics
  • Quick and easy set-up

SmartPLC: AS-Interface masters / gateways

SmartPLC – the ifm AS-i master family of the third generation

The devices with the designation "SmartPLC" are the ifm AS-i master family of the third generation. The SmartPLC AS-Interface gateways are primarily intended for use as gateways between up to two AS-Interface networks and the most common fieldbuses. The range includes the device/slave interfaces PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT. With the SmartPLC interface gateways, all advantages of the AS-Interface wiring system can be used with the previously mentioned fieldbuses. To the programmer of the higher-level PLC, the SmartPLC AS-Interface gateways are normal, decentralised input/output modules.

As an option, the SmartPLC AS-Interface gateways can also be programmed. If decentralised, intelligent components are needed, for example for a modular plant structure, the SmartPLC AS-Interface gateways are the right choice. The gateway functionality can be used in addition to programming. Programming is made via the CODESYS V3.5 software.

Thanks to the colour display, the status of all AS-i slaves can be checked locally at a glance. Sensor/actuator data can also be visualised via the integrated web server. The quick set-up menu and intuitive handling facilitate configuration, set-up and diagnostics. In addition, the web interface allows full remote access.