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Pressure sensors

ifm offers a wide range of electronic pressure sensors to meet the requirements of various industrial applications. The ceramic-capacitive measuring cell, tried and tested millions of times, is complemented by a stainless steel measuring cell with thin-film or thick-film wire strain gauges (series PK, PV, PT) and a piezoresistive measuring technique (for pneumatic applications).
All units have robust housings and do not require moving parts such as pistons or springs. The result: The sensors are extremely shock and vibration resistant and operate without any wear or maintenance.
The tried and tested ceramic-capacitive measuring cell is corrosion-resistant and long-term stable. This ensures consistent and long-term accuracy of the measured values. The sensors are resistant to dynamic pressure peaks and guarantee high overload resistance even in the case of extreme pressure peaks that occur for example with fast closing valves.
Units with wire strain gauge in thick-film technology on a stainless steel measuring cell are distinguished by their very compact and robust design. They can be used in almost all industrial areas. The welded stainless steel measuring cell without any seals ensures a high degree of safety, in particular for applications with gas pressures of up to 600 bar as well as in air-conditioning and refrigerating technology where aggressive coolants (freons) are used.

Solutions that are tailored to your needs 

ifm offers a comprehensive selection of electronic pressure sensors tailored for diverse industrial applications. Each sensor features a durable housing and is designed without moving parts like pistons or springs, ensuring they are highly resistant to shock and vibration. These maintenance-free sensors operate without wear, guaranteeing longevity and reliability in modern industrial environments.

Furthermore, ifm's pressure sensors are designed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of industries, including Hygienic, Hydraulic oils, Water based media, Gases and compressed air, Mobile hydraulics and more. The capability to withstand harsh environments makes these sensors an ideal choice for challenging industrial conditions.

Calibration certificates

Calibration certificates available on the ifm e-shop. Benefits:

  • Establish the uncertainty of measurement.
  • Guarantee consistent quality of products.

Available calibrations include ISO, A2LA, and DAkk.