Identification systems

RFID 125 kHz

RFID 125 kHzRFID systems based on 125 kHz for production and conveying technology, identification of workpiece carriers and products.
- System DTS 125 with AS-Interface
- System DTE 100 with Profibus DP
- System DTE 101 with Profinet
- System DTE 102 with Ethernet/IP
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RFID 13.56 MHz

RFID 13.56 MHzFlexible system for production, assembly and handling technology. Ensures fast data transmission and supports the ISO 15693 standard.
- DTE100 system with Profibus DP
- DTE101 system with Profinet
- DTE102 system with EtherNet/IP
- DTE104 system with EtherNetTCP/IP
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RFID UHFThe system is optimised for applications in production control, asset management, material flow control, track & trace and supply chain management:
- System DTE 800 for EU/ETSI
- System DTE 810 with Ethernet/IP
- System DTE 900 for US/FCC
- System DTE 910 with Ethernet/IP
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TagsID tags for ifm RFID systems. Different versions and designs for a wide range of identification tasks.
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1D/2D code readers

1D/2D code readersPhotoelectric multicode reader for 1D bar codes and 2D codes.Versions with infrared light and red light as well as different field of view sizes are available.
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