Pulse evaluation systems - System description

  • Easy parameter setting
  • Primary voltage 24 V DC or 110 / 230 V AC, wide-range input
  • Programmable switching characteristics
  • Standstill, overspeed, direction, slip and frequency conversion, counter
  • Switching relays and transistor outputs, scalable analogue output

Evaluation systems
Although PLC applications in industrial automation are becoming more and more versatile there are still numerous processes which require decentralised monitoring.

For this ifm electronic offers a number of pulse evaluation systems in the product group "ecomat 200". The application area ranges from simple standstill monitoring or failure protection of a conveyor belt, maximum speed monitoring in wind power stations, slip monitoring of couplings through to direction monitoring, e.g. twin pumps with non-return valves.

The units are supplied in a modern housing for DIN rail mounting. Moreover this product group offers a variety of microprocessor-controlled units for panel mounting to display analogue signals, RPM, speeds, processing times, quantities and electronic preset counters for the detection of quantities or linear measurement.

All units are distinguished by a high reliability and easy handling. Independent of the PLC they indicate operating states or signal faults. This helps to reduce downtimes and production loss.

ifm electronic offers the following evaluation systems:
  • Speed monitors
  • Standstill monitors
  • Slip / synchronous monitors
  • Direction monitors
  • Frequency-to-current converters
  • Threshold relays
  • Displays with frequency and analogue input
  • Counters

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Pulse evaluation systems are used
for the
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