Point-to-point communication with IO-Link systems from ifm

Amazing IO-Link

IO-Link has been developed by leading sensor, actuator and control manufacturers. The result is a standardised and field-bus independent interface for automation. This provides the user with point-to-point connections without complex addressing.

Binary switches that used to be limited to simple switching signals of analogue values have developed into smart sensors.

What are the advantages of IO-Link systems from ifm?

Today the user gets completely new options with IO-Link sensors from ifm. The transfer of cyclical and acyclical data, for example, as well as messages in both directions are implemented. Furthermore IO-Link has a lot more to offer:

No external influence of the signal

Data transfer is based on a 24 V signal. Screened cables and required grounding are no longer necessary.

No measured value losses

The entire measured value transmission is digital. Transmission that is prone to errors and calculation of analogue signals is replaced.

Easy sensor replacement

All sensor parameters are stored in the master and transferred to the replaced unit.

Tamper free

Therefore wrong settings by the operators is no longer possible.


Only like for like replacement. No wrong sensors accepted.

Wire break detection / diagnosis

Wire break or short-circuit is immediately detected.

New IO-Link products from ifm

Robust IO-Link masters

O1D with PMD technology

IO-Link master / hygienic areas