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Adapters to increase the ranges of the new RFID antennas

More flexibility in conveying due to extended operating distances

  • Longer ranges with antenna adapters for which a patent has been applied
  • Antenna adapters for cylindrical M18 and rectangular KQ housings
  • Robust RFID antennas M18 for flush and non flush installation
  • Extra flat antenna in rectangular KQ design for limited space conditions
  • Easy integration into SAP/ERP systems by means of evaluation units

Reliable identification
The new robust RFID antennas have been developed especially for the requirements in automation and conveying technology. In combination with the antenna adapters, they ensure excellent operating distances for more reading reliability even under adverse installation conditions. The industrially compatible connection technology "ecolink" ensures quick and reliable connection of antennas and sensors to the RFID evaluation units.

Ready for Industry 4.0
The ifm RFID evaluation units offer a wide range of industrial fieldbus interfaces. RFID-based identification tasks can easily be integrated into SAP/ERP systems.

Different interfaces
New: DTE104 with TCP/IP and SAP / ERP connectivity
This new RFID evaluation unit is ideal for direct connection to PCs, industrial PCs or PLCs that have no standardised fieldbus interface. Users can access all connected antennas, sensors and actuators via TCP/IP protocol.
DTE100 system with Profibus DP
RFID evaluation unit with integrated Profibus DP inter-face.
DTE101 with Profinet
This evaluation unit is in particular intended for customers with a Siemens controller.
DTE102 system with EtherNet/IP
This version is optimised for controllers from Schneider Electric or Rockwell Automation.

Easy integration
Data access to the transponders is fast and simple, via the provided function blocks as well as directly via the process image of the controller.

Integrated web server
All evaluation units have an integrated web server. Users can log in via an HTTP address to fully access the device.

Antennas, digital I/O and sensors
Each evaluation unit offers four sockets to connect up to four RFID antennas. Optionally, unused RFID antenna inputs can also be used for the control of outputs or the detection of digital input signals. Two digital sensors can be connected to each socket set as an input; and an actuator to each output.

Customer benefits
The integrated LINERECORDER AGENT simplifies the integration into SAP/ERP systems. This system solution facilitates the extension of the production process by additional functions.
With this version of the DTE104 the user is provided with the ASCII protocol.

Application examples
Traceability of products plays an essential role in industry. By integrating LINERECORDER AGENT and SAP Connector the LR functions "Product Trace" and "Order Manage-ment" can be used.
With RFID, materials and products can be unambiguously assigned within the production process. 
Here, the functions "Product Trace", "Order Manage-ment" and "Material Manager" are used.