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BREXIT Information

Dear Customer,

As we approach the date the United Kingdom leaves the EU, the risk that the UK leaves without a trade deal with the EU is growing.  No one knows the impact this will have on Ireland.

ifm Ireland customers are supplied mainly by our warehouse in Germany. However, it is possible that there could be delays in the first weeks after Brexit, hence causing a supply chain delay to our customers. Our UK company is receiving a much larger volume of orders prior to a possible hard Brexit.

ifm Ireland  are taking steps with our logistics partners to minimise any such delay. To help us further we would request that you make as many firm orders as possible before the 15th December with scheduled deliveries in the first half of January. Orders will then be shipped from our warehouse in Germany in the last few days of December as a precaution.

Going forward we will keep a close eye on developments. Ireland will only be impacted if lorries bringing the goods coming to Ireland travel through the UK. There is, of course,  always the possibility of arranging deliveries that will be treated as air-freight straight from Germany.

We hope no big changes will be needed and our delivery performance will remain as before. However, should there be any changes, we will inform you in time.

Kind Regards,
ifm Ireland