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Operating software for 1D/2D code readers

  • User-friendly creation and administration of application-specific configurations
  • Real-time monitor mode for set-up and service purposes
  • Storage and distribution of service reports
  • Application analysis via service report

For 1D/2D code readers

The OPC server software provides a software interface which standardises the data from the ifm electronic diagnostic electronics VSE and the ifm code reader for integration into a higher level system. The software licences are divided into four levels and are dependent on the number of networked units.
Different OPC client programs process the available OPC data enabling a wide variety of user scenarios.
Using the VSE diagnostic electronics it is possible to export and describe previously configured vibration characteristics and monitoring parameters such as switch points, trigger and speed signals.
For the code reader the OPC server software also offers standardised access to decoded reading results and various parameters.