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Splitter boxes for use in machine tools, coolants and lubricants

  • Mechanical end stop to protect the O-ring from destruction
  • Correct mounting possible without an expensive torque wrench
  • Materials for different application requirements
  • High shock and vibration resistance

Splitter boxes

Splitter boxes are used where several sensor signals are collected and forwarded to the control system via a common cable. They offer high protection against moisture ingress and high material resistance to aggressive liquids.
Some types are fitted with highly visible LEDs for operation and switching status indication. The full potting provides shock and vibration resistance, making the splitters ideally suited for field use in harsh industrial environments. Even when fastened by hand, a perfect lasting seal of the splitter connections is guaranteed. The integrated end stop protects the O-ring against destruction caused by over-tightening the nut.
The splitter boxes of the ecolink EVC series are resistant to oils and lubricants, making them ideal for use in machine tools and the metalworking industry.