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iF Design Award for DP2200

The DP2200 threshold display from ifm won the iF DESIGN AWARD. The awards ceremony took place at BMW Welt in Munich on 09 March 2018.

The industrial design team together with the project team at the awards ceremony: Arthur Homa, Volker Grein, Martin Schmidt, Linda Schmidt, Joachim Uffelmann, Philipp Karlin - unfortunately Christoph Stratmann and Hans-Jörg Huber are not in the photo.

The DP2200 threshold display provides customers with the possibility to visualize process values from sensors in industrial installations. These sensors are often installed in inaccessible areas outside the field of view. The compact design of the display allows the user to install it where it can be best accessed and seen. The red/green colour change of the LED interface indicating critical situations is clearly visible.

The display is designed so that it is visible through the translucent plastic. Another advantage of the display is its handling. The spring-loaded push rings of the interface operate magnetically. Therefore they are outside the sealing areas ensuring a higher protection class for the display. The user also gets a haptic feedback thanks to the spring action. These buttons allow to set the sensors which can only be accessed with difficulty.

In brief: The DP2200 is industry 4.0 at your fingertips in ifm corporate design: intuitive, compact and innovative.

The iF DESIGN AWARD has been an internationally recognized trademark for design excellence for 65 years. It awards design performance in all disciplines: product, packaging, communication and service design/UX, architecture and interior design as well as professional concept.