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2D vision sensors for object recognition and inspection

  • Combinable 2D inspection of surfaces and contours for maximum quality assurance
  • User-friendly software simplifies inspection task set-up
  • Powerful algorithms master even demanding requirements
  • Reliable functioning in changing light conditions
  • Maladjustment monitoring ensures reliable quality control

2D vision sensors for object recognition and inspection

Two sensors in one device

Do you want to check different objects for their correct position and object properties with only one vision sensor?

Whether it is contour detection or BLOB analysis, the new 2D vision sensor "Dualis" solves a variety of error proofing and inspection applications throughout the manufacturing process.

A great feature of the "Dualis" is the integration of the powerful image processing algorithms into the award-winning software environment "ifm Vision Assistant".

Application wizards guide users through parameter setting and make it easy for both vision novices and vision experts to solve applications quickly and with process reliability.

Thus, the new "Dualis" O2D500 combines the performance of an image processing system with the simplicity of a sensor. 

The anchor function improves the dual use of the functions

With the help of contour detection, the search zones (ROI's, regions of interest) of the BLOB analysis can track a moving object in position and orientation.

This anchoring allows quality control to be carried out in dynamic processes.

Fast replacement thanks to memory stick

The Dualis is equipped with an ifm memory stick on which the parameters are stored. In the event of a device replacement, the stick can be used to easily transfer all settings and parameters required for operation to the new Dualis. This considerably reduces the workload.