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Complementing software

Complementing demo projects and libraries for programming under CODESYS 2.3.

Current versions

  • Ime
  • Veličina
  • SHA-256
  • Vrsta
  • Opis
  • Ime Library for accelerating the USB transfer (V02.00.00)
  • Veličina 12,2 kB
  • SHA-256
    File hash SHA-256


  • Vrsta .lib
  • Opis Includes FB SpeedUp_USB_Transfer to accelerate the data transfer between PDM360 NG and a USB memory. Helpful when it comes to transferring large data volumes.
  • Ime Demo project for CR1200 and CR1201 (V02)
  • Veličina 204,8 kB
  • SHA-256
    File hash SHA-256


  • Vrsta .zip
  • Opis Demo project including layout of keys and page selection for CR1200, CR1201