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Expand IO-Link master with additional inputs and outputs

With the new field-mountable IO-Link masters from ifm, you will have an easy and efficient way to collect IO-Link information into your PLC via your standard control architecture ie ProfiNet, Ethernet IP etc. You can mount these IO-Link masters directly onto your machinery, without any additional protection or cabinet. This gives you a flexible way of mounting and installing I/O in your process and machines.

In such applications, you will not only have smart sensor information from IO-Link-sensors,  you will also collect standard digital signals, like position sensors and control decentral actuators, like valves, solenoids or drives…

For that, the ifm input and output modules allow you to expand the field-mountable IO-Link masters with additional binary inputs or outputs.

Your benefit:

  • Decentralised collection of digital sensor signals via IO-Link
  • Robust plastic housing
  • First fieldbus modules for food applications
  • High installation density – 20 inputs instead of 16 inputs
  • Filtering or pre-processing of the binary signals for difficult applications