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MID volumetric flow sensor for smallest volumes

Accurate measuring with magnetic-inductive flow meter for volumes from 0.005...3 l/min.

  • Efficient flow meter for exact measurement of quantities of 0.005...3 l/min
  • High accuracy, repeatability and measurement dynamics
  • Suitable for conductive media from 20 μs/cm
  • With totaliser function
  • 4-digit alphanumeric LED display

Magnetic-inductive flow meter
The new SM4 type flow meter operates according to Faraday’s law of induction. The conductive medium flowing through a pipe in a magnetic field generates a voltage which is proportional to the flow velocity or volumetric flow quantity. This voltage is tapped via electrodes and converted in the evaluation electronics. Its resistant materials mean the sensor is suitable for a multitude of media. A high protecting rating and a robust, compact housing distinguish the sensor in the field.