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Dynamic inclination sensors

  • Fusion of acceleration sensor and gyroscope (IMU)
  • Compensation of external accelerations
  • Fast response and high measurement dynamics
  • Various angular ranges (up to 360°) in different versions (1- or 2-axis)
  • High protection rating up to IP 69K

Dynamic inclination sensors

In many applications, inclination sensors are subject to fast movements, abrupt impacts or vibration in three dimensions. Selecting a sensor suitable for such applications is extremely important. Where sensors based on the static measurement principle reach their limits, inclination sensors based on the dynamic measurement principle are used.

Due to the combination of a 3D acceleration sensor and a 3D gyroscope (IMU), these acceleration-compensated inclination sensors have an extremely fast response time and provide a very stable angle value, even if subjected to the influences mentioned above.

Typical applications for inclination sensors based on the dynamic measurement principle include wheel loaders, robots and AGVs.